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About Barbara


Barbara knows how to ask the questions that enable others to solve problems and gain confidence in their leadership. She encourages risk taking, facilitates strategies for recognition and promotion, and provides forthright, realistic feedback.  

She is dedicated to helping others find what she has been privileged to achieve – the ability to combine service to others with personal career satisfaction. 



Barbara Viniar, founder and principal of RiseUp Leadership Coaching, is a nationally recognized leader with more than 35 years of experience in higher education. A teacher at heart, she has designed courses and taught at the undergraduate and doctoral levels. She is certified to teach on-line and loves creating learning communities at a distance.


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Services Offered

Individual Coaching

Each coaching relationship is unique and will begin with an in depth exploration of your individual goals and talents.

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Custom Leadership Programs

One-time retreats or an on-going formal mentoring program can help you identify and nurture talent.

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