How it All Started, and Thank You Tim

As I approached retirement and thought about what I would like to say about my career, I kept coming back to my favorite part of the job, mentoring. Perhaps because I was fortunate to have truly transforming mentors in my own life, I was committed to paying it forward. I have always loved seeing and nurturing leadership, sometimes when asked by someone who knew his or her goals, but also when I saw a spark that I thought would grow with the right support. I am proud to count several presidents among those I have mentored, but have been equally pleased to watch others develop self-confidence and leadership in their own sphere.

Coaching is my ideal way to continue to contribute. Each of my successes and challenges has made me wiser.  I am eager to share this wisdom with new and aspiring leaders.

The decision to formalize my love for mentoring into a coaching practice was easy, but finding a name was not. And then one morning in my favorite coffee shop, RiseUp Coffee, I realized it was there all along. Every morning I drink great coffee (I’m partial to small skim lattes with an extra shot), experience great customer service and camaraderie, and see an example of a thriving business committed to ethical practices and quality.  The energy doesn’t just come from the caffeine. I hope RiseUp conveys what my clients can expect, a sense of growth and power.  Thank you, Tim Cureton, the founder of RiseUp Coffee, for the inspiration.