Wonder Woman

My daughter’s birthday was in March and I struggled to come up with a gift. She either has everything or gets it for herself. So I bought her a sheet of Wonder Woman stamps and framed it for her. She loved it!

After that, I eagerly awaited the Wonder Woman movie and convinced a friend to attend a sneak preview the night before it opened. And I loved it! Perhaps not as much as the critics – it is after all a super hero movie and I’m not sure it was worth all the ink.  I loved it not as a work of art but because it was about a powerful, compassionate woman committed to doing the right thing. She believes in love and innocence and justice and friendship. Her super powers do not prevent her from seeing the world with “wonder.” How like so many of the women family, friends and colleagues I admire in the real world. Without cuffs or a lasso, but with definite super powers, they are changing that world.